Have You Thought About Inclusive Signs for Your Business?

You’ve got your storefront sign. You’ve got a handful of sales and promotional signs throughout the store. Directional in-store signs are all thoughtfully placed around your brick-and-mortar store to make navigating your store easy for customers.

That’s all the business signage your store needs, right?

Publicity and marketing are important, but don’t forget about inclusive signs for your business. These types of signs are designed to help people with disabilities find products or navigate through your establishment. Every customer is equally important, and you want your store’s signage to reflect that. Here a few inclusive signs you should consider for your shop.

Disability Signage

Braille signs, engraved signs, and others under the Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA) should all be considerations for your retail store.

This signage should be easily accessible to customers at a comfortable height (think about people using walking aids or wheelchairs, for example) to touch or read, and conveniently located at key areas in the store.

Inclusive signage can also include wayfinding and directional signs, LED signs, and any other interior signs that make your customers feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Colour-Conscious Signage

Colour-conscious signage is another way to make your retail signage more accessible and instantly recognizable.

So when you’re choosing the colour schemes in your signage designs, try to be mindful of the following:

  • Create strong contrast between the signage board, and the background it’ll be fixed on
  • If you need colour-coded signs, opt for colours that are easy to distinguish between (so don’t have a sign that’s yellow, red, and orange if you can avoid it)
  • Where possible, pick signs with a matte or satin finish; glossy, shiny signage’s reflective surface can cause glare and hamper visibility
  • Signage should be illuminated evenly; consider a lighting level of 200 lux

Multilingual Signage

Considering the cultural mosaic we live in here in Canada, your store would be amiss if it didn’t have multilingual signage throughout that cater to wider audiences and varieties of consumers.

Of course it would be impossible to have every language on one sign (you could try, but that would be approaching novelty sign-levels of size), but you can be strategic. Including French, our country’s second language, could be a good start. If you’re in a neighbourhood that’s predominantly one nationality, you can have your signage in that language too.

It’s important to create a positive, inclusive atmosphere in your store, and smart use of inclusive signage can do just that.

Is your retail store missing some essential inclusive signage? Get in touch with the print experts at Optic Signs, and we’ll help you design something all of your customers will appreciate!