How to Choose the Right Vinyl Banner Sizes

Vinyl banners are the go-to option for businesses thanks to their affordability, ease of set-up or installation, durability, and portability. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the marketing applications are limitless.

For your banners to be at their most effective, however, you’ll need to size them up right. Too small and they’ll go unnoticed; too big and they’ll go ignored.

We’ll outline industry-standard vinyl banner sizes below, including the most common banner sizes we regularly design and create for businesses in and around the Kelowna area.

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes

While the sign industry doesn’t have a secret, ‘standard’ banner size we all adhere to, there are common vinyl banner sizes that our clients order like clockwork. These include:

  • 6′ x 3′ (72″ x 36″)
  • 4′ x 2′ (48″ x 24″)
  • 8′ x 4′ (96″ x 48″)

Of course, your needs will heavily dictate which size vinyl banner you choose, but the first option, 6’ x 3’, is a pretty safe bet. This size allows for the banner to be used across a wide range of applications – it’s large enough to be seen at a distance, but still small enough to pack up quickly and transport.

The 6’ x 3’ vinyl banner size can hold its own when installed on a wall solo, or gets great use at an event table, for example, where you can hang the banner off the front. Optic Signs’ vinyl banners also include grommets, meaning they can be hanged in your trade show booth, on outdoor fences, or anywhere inside your shop.

Finding the Right Vinyl Banner Size for You

You may’ve noticed a pattern in the three recommended vinyl banner sizes above – they’re all an easy-to-remember 1:2 size ratio. The other most popular ratio would be 1:3 size.

Remember these two points when you’re sizing up your vinyl banners:

  • With logos and designs that have over two lines of text, use a 1:2 vinyl banner size ratio;
  • And for landscape designs that have either wide logos/images, or just a few words of copy, use a 1:3 ratio

Now, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; specific, custom banner sizes are optimal in some scenarios. For example, stringing a banner between the poles of a pop-up tent is a classic branding move, so you’ll need a banner that spans the entire length. Considering most tents are about 10-feet, the banner therefore needs to be at least the length, and roughly 3-4 inches in height.

Or if your banner is purely for branding purposes, featuring your logo front and center, a boxy, 1:1 ratio might make more sense.

Regardless of what vinyl banner size you choose, whether it’s a small one that needs to be read from just 10-20 feet away, or a large one that needs readability 100 yards away, the print experts at Optic Signs can help you design, print, and install your new banner!