Trade Show Must-Haves to Drive Foot Traffic

Trade shows are some of the best opportunities businesses have of generating some clout around their brand, allowing you to make new personal connections and potentially new customers.

A survey of 10,000 small and medium-sized business owners shows that 71% of them secured new clients via face-to-face networking, which is what trade shows are all about.

But with so many other booths on the trade show floor, what’s your plan for standing out in the crowd? Sure, you’ll have your knick-knacks and patty-whacks to give away, but those freebies have low chance of making it back home with the recipient.

The best way to attract trade show attendees is grabbing their attention immediately – which we admit is easier said than done. Along with a competent staff and plenty of water and booth snacks, these are some trade show must-haves if you want to succeed on the floor:

Posters & Banners

Both of these types of trade show signage are easy to create and hard not to notice. They’re uber flexible in terms of how you leverage your booth’s posters and banners – they can push promos, provide extra information, highlights important features of your product or service, or direct people to and through your booth arrangement.

Banners are durable and have the added bonus of rolling up and moving to your next trade show, giving you better value for your marketing investment.

Company-branded Attire

If you and your booth staff are wearing regular street clothes, you won’t convey a professional image. Not only that, but attendees will be confused if they arrive at your booth – where the heck are all the staff here? Why is this booth unmanned?!

When you or your staff aren’t at the booth, the company-branded attire will transform you into walking advertisements for your brand. Who’d say no to round-the-clock advertising?

A Presentation

You’re the expert in your industry, and many trade show attendees want to learn from experienced business owners. Hosting a talk or delivering a presentation is a good way to position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

As an added bonus, a presentation or hotstove discussion is a good way to generate hype and intrigue around your booth throughout the event.

Foam Board Signage

Lightweight and easy to setup, foam board signage is an attractive, durable option for your main booth signage. The ease of setup – foam boards are equally viable mounted on trade show walls, or mounted on an easel – means you can quickly move them around if your booth gets crowded.

If you really want to drive traffic, consider adding a promotion or special offer to your foam board signage.

A Supply Box

At exceptionally busy trade shows, things can get chaotic. Your booth may suffer some wear and tear from trade show attendee masses, so come prepared with a MacGyver box of supplies.

Duct tape can practically fix anything, so bring a roll. Toss in things like pens, tape, rubber bands, paper clips, scissors, Swiss army knives, thread – all of these things can help keep posters in place, table tarps attached, and displays from tipping. You never know what the trade show floor will bring, so come prepared!

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